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Greetings adventurers

The Shai wields a Florang for her main hand weapon and a Sol for her Awakening weapon. The Sol is transformed into a Lute (Tring), Flute (Tute), or Drums (Tamtam) while using her Awakening skills. Imagine rocking the world with some amazing instruments during action combat! 🙂

Greetings adventurers

The Archer, unlike the Ranger, stays long ranged throughout all of its gameplay, and unlike other classes already starts with his awakened weapon. The Crossbow is a lighter, faster weapon while the Greatbow goes for slower, longer ranged shots and even has a scoped sniping view.

Greetings adventurers

Lahns are martial artists who crossed over to the Black Desert continent from a far eastern kingdom. When they are fighting with the Crescent Pendulum, it almost looks like they are dancing as they cut through their enemies. They are agile and quick on their feet and can quickly deliver devastating attacks by swinging their Crescent Pendulum. By careful manipulation of the swinging motion, they can even deliver attacks from all sides. While enemies are distracted by the bold movements of the Crescent Pendulum, they can swiftly move great distances in the air.

Greetings adventurers

Doom, the new trail-blazing Dream Horse that will only accept the fiercest of riders, is finally coming. Managing to get a Doom is a true achievement for any veteran equestrian. Doom performs the strongest attacks among the currently available Dream Horses and is also the swiftest.
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Patch Notes 04.11.2019

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  • Fixed duplicate monster spawns
  • Event Halloween off
  • Fixed quest - The rest of the world to change the world
  • Added darkness break for quest - [Boss] Helm Tribes' Shield Quest
  • Fixed quest where you need to achieve a certain amount of attack and defense
  • Fixed reward in guild quests (Guild Skill EXP)
  • Fixed the call of monsters on a mission - Arena of Death I
  • Unapplied NPC on mission removed - Quest: Manshaum Hunting
  • In the NPC Yaz (Heidel) added patterns for archer and lan (theft)

Fixed recipes for crafting items:

  • [Archer] Edan's Travel Wear
  • [Archer] Jordine's Casual
  • [Lahn] Jarette's Armor
  • [Lahn] Orwen's Travel Wear
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