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  1. Hello and welcome to the server. Sea monster hunting doesn't work currently. There is going to be a big patch at the end of December with more content. Sea monster hunting and the ocean expansion are included and if I'm recalling right, the new ship types will also be present. If that content is out and we're able to do sea monster hunting, we can have a conversation about its viability then and there. That said, Acharnes is pretty responsive to requests and if the suggestions make sense, they are generally added after a maintenance or two. Have a nice stay!
  2. Thuraya


    The server is x10 rates. But in some areas, especially Kamasylvia and Star's End the mobs are harder to kill than retail. The DP calculation isn't perfect yet and special attacks like Down smashes and Air attacks aren't triggering properly. That's probably why it feels low. There's a new client coming by end of December and hopefully, those aspects will be improved upon.
  3. Hi, Yes There are recipes in L menu where you can use 1 blue ingredients instead of 3 green ingredients. For example, the beast draught Here is the recipe ingame: The tooltip indicates you can use 1 blue elixirs of each instead of 3 greens. You can make it in L menu -> Simple alchemy by combining 3 Grim Reaper Elixirs , 3 EXP Elixir and 3 Elixir of Will : Normally you'd be able to use 1 blue version of each. 1 Grim Soul Reaper's Elixir , 1 Elixir of Remarkable Will and 1 Splendid EXP Elixir. But if you try it out: It doesn't work and you have this system log: The other recipes I can think of that might have this issue are: Giant's Draught Verdure Draught Frenzy Draught Savage Draught (This one I haven't tried making yet, since Thuja sap is missing) Exquisite Cron Meal Simple Cron Meal Seafood Cron Meal Energizing Cron Meal (This one I also didn't make yet) If I find more I'll make a report of them. Thank you!
  4. Hello, Yesterday my Epheria Frigate Mount ID: 31003 got destroyed and I'm having issues recovering it. I think there are 2 bugs in the repair system. A- After recalling the frigate and repairing it, it's impossible to take out of the port as show in 1. The game still says it must be recovered first as shown in 2, even though the ship has been fully repaired as shown in 3. B - The ship only appears in the list for the character who recalled it. If I use another character, it's not listed : This is similar when a horse dies and is still linked to the character until it's recovered and put in the stable. It makes me think that the server hasn't registered the Frigate in Velia's wharf manager correctly. Even tough, it applied the repairs. This particular ship takes a month to build and is a huge time and effort investment. I'd hate to see it disappear to a bug. Hopefully that won't happen, thank you!
  5. Hello, The gift settlement pack we received from the attendance rewards can't be opened. [Event] Settlement Pack ll Thank you!
  6. You got too close to the sea. there's an invisible barrier of death close to the oceans. Don't get too close to the shore in epheria, ancado's pier and surrounding outer cliffs, the beach and cliffs of arehaza and don't fly over the canyon from drieghan to Tarif, or from star's end to epheria. You can safely fly over the water from ronaros to Polly and from grana to Polly. And yes, I killed several horses over the months learning this.
  7. Thuraya


    Don't use Cheat Engine and similar programs?
  8. 1- So if you're pathing around, am I supposed to hail you "good sir, would you care for a duel?" , give you a revolver and put some cowboy music? I intercepted two guys on my way home, one died too fast to react but the other one saw me zoom past him, fail the first interception and zoom past him a second time for a second attempt. It's war and there's clearly a player trying to hunt you, so maybe change the road you're using or go off-road for a bit instead of blindly going forward like a typical 80's cartoon. I'm stating the obvious here. 2- (and the rest of the post) not addressed to you in particular, but to the numbskulls who rode their horses into a combat zone. Don't do that. You know they die quickly and you still parked them in a brawl where skills are flying around. We didn't intentionally target your mounts, you left them in AOE range. Again, stating the obvious here. 3- And who cares about horses anyway? Mine died too. I didn't bitch about it because understand it was my mistake. I made a terrible job of hiding it. It's your responsibility to either hide your mount and leave it in a safe zone. And for the third time, stating the obvious. But then again, I guess we all know what's going on here. Y'all came charging in a Zerg hoping for easy kills and got a reality check instead. So you're grasping at excuses and horses happen to be the one you collectively selected.
  9. The rates for accessories are problematic and hopefully Acharnes will soon implement the corrections I suggested in my other post. But saying he doesn't want that is going too far. If it was true you won't have this box in the attendance rewards
  10. Thuraya

    Hoom Crystals

    Hello, Currently the COMBINED MAGIC CRYSTAL - HOOM doesn't work. It doesn't give stats nor its 2x crystals set effect. Most importantly, the recipe to upgrade them to HAN Hoom doesn't work either. HAN Hoom recipe link To make it you need: 1 Hoom Crystal 3 Garmoth Scales 1 Any type of WON, BON or JIN crystal. I suspect the issue is in the last ingredient since you can use multiple combinations. I ran into other recipes where multiple combinations broke them and only one seems to work. It would be nice to have them fixed since HAN Hoom is one the best defensive crystals in the game. Thank you!
  11. Hello, Is the item Belongings of an Adventurer implemented into the loot table of World Bosses? It's a very rare loot so it might have never dropped yet on the server. But I wanted to ask for confirmation if it was there in the first place. Thank you!
  12. The daily restart is a good idea. There's a noticeable performance improvement after each restart and the nastiest bug, the quest/scroll party bug is only cleared through it. The AFKers will just need to adapt. Personally I'll lose several hours of afk lifeskilling, but that should not prioritized over performance for active players. This will even be more important as we pick up more population.
  13. Hello, Currently when using a gathering tool on a Thuja tree to get the sap, it will consumer energy but give nothing. The tree exists in game, just ahead of Duvencrune, but I couldn't find its ID in the public database. You need to a Fluid Collection tool to be able to gather the sap. Thuja Sap ID link There's a node that can give that sap but it doesn't work, like most Drieghan nodes. It's the Dormann Lumber Camp . It'd be nice to have fixed, since this sap is the only ingredient missing from the server to be able to craft the useful Savage Draught. This link has an overview about what the node gives. Thank you!
  14. I know for a fact that many people rage-quitted the server because of that. Our most cursed guild members burned through 300+ rings and earrings and lucked out with a single pen for now. Another blew through 160 tungrad earrings in one sitting (one single evening) and got nothing for his troubles. Even personally, I blew away more than 200 rings and only managed to get a tet ring. There have 164 valtarra belt on the server. I've bought more than a 100 of those and I still don't even have a pri. The rate are simply that punishing. And anyone who can't understand that is either a selfish brat or not too bright. I went out of my way to make the problem visual, in pictures. Words and numbers might have been too much for some but apparently even pictures are too hard now. I simply can't argue anymore with people deliberately being childish and not adding anything constructive to the discussion.
  15. Warehouse storage bug. Remove everything from storage item by item. One of your stack counts is bugged and you'll find it that way.
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