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  1. I have been on this server for some time now and i definitely see an issue with the enchantment rate.Its workable for armor and weaponry but i dread even going close to accessories. Its not normal for a private server to be HARDER to enchant in than on retail in many cases. The easiest way to help mediate that issue is simply have .75% per fs up until tri for accessories. Ppl don't even buy them much from the auction because it's very hard to enchant and very unrewarding.
  2. My game crashes every time i try to buy gold bars from a banker. 10g bar. When i relog the item is in my inv but its still quite bad. Velia and Calph are the cities i tried.How it works is when i try to buy it, it doesn't show in my inv and if i try to buy it again it crashes. Then on relog its in my inv. Edit: Seems to be fixed now. Thank you
  3. Thank you for the reply. I dont know if i am at all mentally prepared to play this game again after the suffering it inflicted on me. Its been some time and i dont know if Lahn is good now or if Maehwa is good. These are the classes i am interested in atm. Or anything for that matters its been a few years. I read that guide btw. i am interested to know why you think its nor perfect. Give me the flaws i need them in order to make the decision. The amount of time this game requires is large even if it's faster so i need to know if it will be worth it or not especially for someone who was actually hurt by retail mentally.
  4. I am new to the server but not to BDO. I lets say i have a "history" with this game but the combat feels too good so ill play a bit here. Hopefully i might stick around. I wanted to ask how do things work around here. Is it exactly like retail with just more exp or is there more to this server. Also is this server new? How's the population? How does one progress here? These are the main things i wanna know. Looking forward to playing with you on a server that doesn't drain my soul like retail. PS: By history i mean that game and the way it was ran ruined me.
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