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  1. Yeah I usually just skip bosses, make money, and buy said boss gear. Or Use boss scrolls and pray to RNGesus. Being PST I can only really realistically get maybe 1 boss a day or none at all.
  2. Dream Horse randomly decided to die.
  3. Updated main post.
  4. Made a quick little chart for Acharnes crons pricing. For a TL;DR it's costume chest that's worth 240 pearls.
  5. It's a function of the game. It doesn't affect me because I have desert camo and sickness pots. If the sickness pots aren't removing it then it's player lag. There's also an option to buy sickness resistance from your tent for 500k silver. Lasts an hour.
  6. Fox Claw IV is doing 17 damage at 50 DP target and 20 DP target. Fox Claw IV: Hit DMG 348% x2 Extra Hit DMG 1,207% x3 +12% of max WP Extra Damage +11% Accuracy Rate Ankle Cutter V is doing 14 damage at 50 DP target and 20 DP target. Ankle Cutter V: Hit DMG 394% x2 100% Crit +5% Accuracy Rate
  7. Also update, PVPed with friend my Fatal Blow V w/ Kunai Stab II & Flow: Fatal Stab Combo only did 20 HP. Whereas my LMB does damage. I can't LMB level that's slow as all hell.
  8. So just going to get straight to the point. Ever since I got to Helms I have had almost non-existent damage. In fact at Cadry Ruins it's so beyond small it's not even funny. It took me 50 seconds to kill something. Pretty much this is my AP: I have: 127 AP +15 dmg all species +5 hidden AP +20 AP from Perfume of Courage All skills I use maxed Totals out to: 152 AP + 15 all species. So assuming it does add up the AP properly and how it's supposed to I tested using all of my Kunoichi's skills and they do absolutely nothing noticeable on monsters HP. Fatal Blow V w/ Kunai Stab II & Flow: Fatal Stab Combo. If all the stats are added together it should be visually: 100% Critical Chance 646% x 2 (5 second Cooldown - Fatal Blow V) 5% Max HP Extra Damage (10 second cooldown - Flow: Fatal Stab Combo) 1,057% x 2 (7 second Cooldown - Kunai Stab II) If all cooldowns are ready for use I should technically be doing 1,703% x 2 + 5% Max HP + Critical. This is not the case visibly. Even if something like Cadry has a huge amount of defense I should at least have a noticeable damage somewhere with 152 AP + 15 all species especially given with the damage percents I have and the critical heck... I should even at least see the 5% max HP which isn't even showing up. Another thing. Yes I know it's 170AP recommended, but someone with less AP than me was doing far more damage to the point where it's noticeable. I play Kuno in retail and it's nowhere near this bad making me think the class is broken on here. Any input?
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