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  1. there no monster to kill in the area ^nvm^ just use scroll to summon monster
  2. talk to one of the npc there, this guy here!
  3. don't be in a party, back track to npc to pick up the quest again and u should be able to spawn the boss again and finished up your awakening quest.
  4. having the same issue, once quest boss Shogun Shield is summon it disappears on me. still makess noise and take up space, just can't see nor damage it...oof
  5. Family Name: FourHonor Character Name: FateBlade Open a box for my Ninja and got a Kutum Kunai...i need a Shunken..maybe rng so i open another to get...another kunai again... so i made a female ninja, ran all the way to my storage and open another Kutum box and got a shunken sub weapon. anyway i can refund the two fail sub weapon Kunai that i open on my ninja?
  6. Just draw stuff related to ADO, have fun and have a great one.... so Thanks giving is going on today so i doodle up some art on my ninja character~
  7. ARe u ready for Sunday? Just post anything that pretty kool mv kooliness k!
  8. Just post up your streams~ I use to twitch then i jump ship to mixer! https://mixer.com/FourHonor
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