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  1. Agree with Ashcroft, workers should level faster and the promotion at 290 pearls is quite ridiculous to say the least, 50 sounds decent, as for gathering amount it's fine as it is, it's a little tiny bit more than retail but at the end of the day if it's increased too much you would end up saturating the marketplace and that's not a great idea so it's best left alone.
  2. there is no reason whatsoever to have this mechanic in place on a private server, its buggy making it sometimes literally impossible to remove by any means.
  3. reduce Gathering Trade items weight, its quite tiring to be removing them every few seconds, either that or remove them from the drop alltogether.
  4. Take everything out of the storage and put it back in, happened to me few times and that's how I got the items back, basically what happens is they stack with something they shouldn't stack with and appear to not be there, this has been an issue on multiple private servers and is unlikely an 'easy' fix as it might have something to do with lag
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