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  1. Do we have this quest implemented on the server? If before then where to get the crystal of evil? https://bdocodex.com/us/quest/2051/19/?sl=1
  2. Можно ли дублировать описания обновлений на русском? Переводчик не всегда корректно переводит, и приходится догадываться что и как было исправлено/добавлено.
  3. Is that how it should be? Or am I doing something wrong? Heating 244
  4. There are very few products at auction now. Loot drops out very often, but I can’t auction it all. If you increase the number of auction slots from 30 to 100-200, this will help to quickly develop the economy, and will help beginner games who can buy themselves at the auction + 10-15 Grunil set. This article was created by me (c) Translator.
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