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  1. Of course it doesn't work. You need different items to enhance!
  2. Simple alchemy doesn't work. Processing finished. Insufficient ingredients to continue processing. I can't make any of these.
  3. Okay, I will try finishing that quest.
  4. hmm weird I already checked and all we need to do is talk with the npc to get the knowledge with 30 energy. I found this from Korean bdo patch notes. You can now Heat some Accessories obtainable in Valencia to get Yona’s Fragments. - Talk to Ossa Dilla, the weapon vendor in Valencia, to get [Ossa Dilla’s Special Heating] knowledge by spending 30 Energy. - You can Heat the following accessories to get Yona’s Fragments if you have the knowledge. - Ring of Crescent Guardian: 3-5 - Cadry Guardian’s Ring: 3-5 - Serap’s Necklace: 3-5 - Sicil’s Necklace: 3-5 - Basilisk’s Belt: 5-7 - Centaurus’ Belt: 5-7
  5. The problem still exist. I still don't get exp from doing Combat Guild Mission. The Exp for Guild Points stays the same after it was completed. The one that always works was experience that we get from doing Life Guild Mission.
  6. I can't melt accessories to get Yona's Fragment. All of them probably don't work, but the one that I tried melting were: Ring of cadry guardian Centaurus belt We were suppose to be able to get the knowledge from this npc in Valencia. I can't get the knowledge from Ossa Dilla it seems. Missing knowledge: Ossa Dilla's Special Heating Method ID: 39350
  7. Well I disagree. i find it easier for other players to see bugs list from topic title instead of making only one topic with multiple bugs that I found on it.
  8. Quest ID: 6000/24 Unable to complete the quest. Can't talk with npc.
  9. Guild Points not increasing after completing the combat kill quest. Combat Guild Mission doesn't seem to be giving any guild skill experience.
  10. - How to obtain: Obtain this item by defeating monsters in all areas. It is supposed to drop from any mobs, but I only get it from mobs in Drieghan area.
  11. I can't appoint guild members as Officer or Quartermaster.
  12. I got "The item is invalid" message when I tried to open it.
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