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  1. Hotspots are currently broken.
  2. This is outdated since the monster pearls patch. Monsters bellow lvl 12 don't drop pearls anymore. It's a lot faster than before to hit daily pearl cap on monsters lvl 51 and above however.
  3. The Golden Map has a long cooldown and works the same way as the blue one doesn't it? Not a very practical teleport in my opinion.
  4. A home city teleport would be interesting indeed, if players can select a city of their choosing.
  5. Ashcroft

    Manos Tools

    The green and blue Mastery Accessories also don't seem to apply their Mastery bonuses.
  6. Ashcroft

    life skill

    I haven't had respawn issues with plants, but I usually do very large rotations.
  7. Ashcroft

    life skill

    - To hire workers? I think it might be better to just make worker promotion faster and/or cheaper to complete instantly with pearls - at the moment I believe it's more than 500 pearls at max time, when it was a flat 50 pearls before Remaster no matter how many time was left. Coupled with better xp rates, getting Artisans wouldn't be so bad. The other problem with workers is that most of the worker skills simply do not work. And Artisan workers stop getting experience past level 30, so you cannot even reroll their skills. - Amount of resources extracted from nodes? This could come in handy but I'm unsure it would actually help the economy. Maybe removing the luck factor from nodes instead? And fixing the few broken excavation nodes. - Manual resource collection? Maybe having hedgehogs that actually work would fix this until we get Masteries to work. But I believe the main issue lies with recipes though. At the moment it is impossible to use less materials for any recipe even with a maxed lifeskill. And high-quality / special crops only count as single ingredients as well. If this were to be fixed properly, we'd need a lot less ingredients, which in turn would lead to less resources needed to be gathered. - Auction? Having more marketplace slots would definitely be a step in the right direction. But I do not think it'll fix the economy. People who don't sell now still won't sell more even with that. What's wrong with the current pearl system? It seems to be in a pretty good spot since the update. If anything give it a bit more time so we can take a step back and look at it in a more objective manner.
  8. Ashcroft

    Perls System

    This was already mentionned in the suggestion posted here. But I agree this is a necessary change.
  9. At the moment all boss spawns are centered around the European timezone. I think we can all agree that this server has a solid population coming from other timezones. For these people, who usually work or sleep while bosses are up and come home with no spawns left for the day, it must be pretty disheartening. Sure, they can farm scrolls, grind money and hope to either buy what they need from the marketplace or the Night Vendor. But I think it would be a lot more engaging and rewarding to set additional bosses on other timezones, and this is not the first time this has been suggested. Plus if these people see that they are not ignored they may spread the word and bring friends along to play. I do understand that not all bosses are hunted down throughout the day at the moment, but I believe we've been putting a lot more efforts towards that goal and at the very least more people have been active in part due to that. So I think that even if some bosses are skipped, it definitely wouldn't be the case for all of them, and it would still be a worthy addition. I'll add to that that several popular bosses don't even spawn that many times per week (most notably Garmoth & Vell). Additional spawns for these could easily be fitted on a revised schedule. If you consider the efforts needed to make some adjustments to the boss spawns (I'm assuming this to be very easy to do, please tell me if I'm wrong) compared to the people this could bring onto the server, it should be well worth the effort. So please consider this change in order to allow everyone to give the server a fair chance, no matter where they come from.
  10. Yes, I understand that, I thought you needed character names so you could look more closely at the issue to pinpoint the exact problem more easily, sorry if that was not the case.
  11. Family name: Ashcroft Character name: Freyja I know Kompleksli has the same issue as I do, same family & character name.
  12. Since earlier today I am unable to access my friend list, or buy items from the pearl shop. I get disconnected anytime I try to do either of these things. Inviting people I have never been in party with before will also disconnect me. Partying again with them afterwards does not cause further disconnects however. This issue is most likely related to how partying with people for the firsrt time sends a "you have made a new friend" message. It's likely trying to add friends through party invites even though they don't actually show up in your friend list afterwards. But it is very possible that something gets filled up which then causes the crash when trying to add more. It probably affects buying from the pearl shop as well due to how you can usually gift things to people via your friend list. This is extremely important, as it also stops people from using the cash they donated for on the Pearl Box tab of the Pearl Shop, so it would be for the best if you can get this fixed as soon as possible.
  13. Make sure your nodes are linked before you actually fish : origin point to selling point. Though I've seen people report they had issues even like that, I haven't experienced that myself.
  14. We have had the same issue for a while here as well.
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