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  1. This is a simple random, you may be lucky or not lucky.
  2. open launcher and click button check files = download and check files client)
  3. The central market is almost ready
  4. Perhaps in official updates, they made it so that knowledge can be obtained from the NPC. in this client, you cannot get knowledge through the NPC (only through the quest)
  5. https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/7220/8/ - to get knowledge you need to go through this quest!
  6. Fixed duplicate monster spawns Event Halloween off Fixed quest - The rest of the world to change the world Added darkness break for quest - [Boss] Helm Tribes' Shield Quest Fixed quest where you need to achieve a certain amount of attack and defense Fixed reward in guild quests (Guild Skill EXP) Fixed the call of monsters on a mission - Arena of Death I Unapplied NPC on mission removed - Quest: Manshaum Hunting In the NPC Yaz (Heidel) added patterns for archer and lan (theft) Fixed recipes for crafting items: [Archer] Edan's Travel Wear [Archer] Jordine's Casual [Lahn] Jarette's Armor [Lahn] Orwen's Travel Wear
  7. where the path leads, this indicates a search in this radius of the NPC, that NPC that is there, it is not needed and will be removed with the patch
  8. Fixed collection Mushroom spore Fixed the appearance of artifacts in the form of stones, water, and other objects Fixed a bug in the Florin village when a character interacted with the Medicinal Herb Brewer Fixed opening box - Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon x2 Fixed box opening - Mysterious Chest (Ring) Fixed craft item - Crio's Fishing Chair Fixed when exchanging weapons through a scroll, Caphras Stone stones disappeared Added Dark portal for summoning boss for quest - [Boss] Slayer of the Arena Quest Added NPC on assignment - Unchained Curiosity Quest Added NPC on assignment - Nantusa Letusa Quest Added recipe jewelry heating (to get Yona's Fragment): Centaurus belt Ring of cadry guardian Sicil's necklace Basilisk's belt Ring of crescent guardian Serap's necklace
  9. Fixed item - Map of the Elite (gold grade) From now on, you cannot return a premium horse from an ordinary stableman, return to the stall is available only from a premium stableman Fixed a bug with the count of items dropped from the bushes Fixed box with Lahn Kibelius Classic Set costume
  10. Fixed enchant item Tecton Stones above +10 (green grade) Fixed Notification of open new boxes Fixed item open - Golden Pig's Blessing Fixed item - [Effect] Book of Repentance (+300,000 recover karma) Fixed Desert debuff, continued to remove hp at death Fixed bug with freezing portals in the desert (Anakreon, Hystria) Drop items removed - [Event] Halloween Candy Basket and [Event] Halloween Cookie Added item to drop - [Event] Halloween Gift Box and reduced chance of receiving twice
  11. until
    Get items ([Event] Halloween gift box) - drops from monsters, fishing and collecting.
  12. Fixed formula for calculating the summon attack (witch, wizard, tamer) Event start -
  13. Fixed a bug when your summon finished off monsters, and you did not receive a drop from them (wizard and witch)
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